Continental Processors has been bringing fresh, high quality produce to Southern California for more than thirty years. Our plant is located in Los Angeles, CA, just a few blocks from the Los Angeles Produce Market and just a few hours away from California’s major produce source areas. Our products are provided to facilities throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura Counties.

Continental Processors complies with all USDA/FDA regulations, as well as a written and followed HACCP2017 program.

Continental Processors uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest manufacturing practices. Our plant is regularly inspected by the county, State and the FDA, and inspected daily by our own teams. We also pride ourselves on maintaining excellent scores in annual third-party inspections by independent labs.

Continental Processors is the home of the highest quality California fruit and vegetable products. Our products are rinsed according to the most rigorous sanitary practices while maintaining the original flavor and digestibility.



It has always been our policy to adhere to the strictest environmental standards in everything we do. We don’t use chlorine gas, preservatives, or shelf-life enhancers. We don’t drown our products or use oxygenators, ozone depletion products, or prepared gasses. Continental Processors uses only safe packing materials.

Continental Processors welcomes any task requiring integrity and priority, with the knowledge that each customer is a part of our family.

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